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  1. F2 7'' Industrial Tablet/MINI PC
  2. F2 7'' Industrial Tablet/MINI PC
  3. F2 7'' Industrial Tablet/MINI PC
  4. F2 7'' Industrial Tablet/MINI PC

F2 7'' Industrial Tablet/MINI PC

  • Brand :Hi Gole
  • Model:F2
  • Size:175mmx115mmx50mm

The Industrial Tablet is used for office and entertainment. It is widely applied for training center, finance(POS,fingerprint sensor, tax printer), industrial control, software maintenance and catering service.

  1. Detailed information

The 7” Tablet PC is designed to provide high-performance computing power to users in harsh environments.


Manpack, POS (Point of Sales), 3D printing control, Meeting Room, Hotel check in/out,any where portability is necessity.

Using the latest intel processors, this tablet PC has enough power to run complex applications without degraded usability.


Display: 7 inch 800*1280 IPS G+P

Processor: Intel Cherry Trail Z83501.44~1.92GHz Quad Core

Memory(RAM): 4GB DDR3

Storage: 64GB/128GB eMMC Flash

Ethernet:RJ-45 10M/100Mbps

Wireless Communication: Built-in Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0

I/O Ports: 1xHDMI, 3xUSB 2.0, 1xUSB 3 OTG, 1x micro SD card slot, 1x earphone

AC adapter: 5V/3A

Size: 175X115X50mm

Weight: 0.69KG

warranty: 1 year 

Product Interface

F2 7'' Box-Styled Tablet/MINI PC Product interface

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